Find Out who Dog Time! Is

At Dog Time we offer Doggy Day Care and Over Night Boarding for all the East Bay including San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Hayward, Oakland, Alameda.

Our Doggy Day Care and Boarding Facility is located in San Leandro! Our mission is to create a safe, clean and FUN play experience for your dog kids at a great price for you! - We are conveniently located at 2489 Washington Ave. in San Leandro near the 238, 580, 880 highways, minutes from the Oakland Airport and three blocks from the San Leandro BART station!  The safety and well being  of your  dog and our employees is our primary concern ( followed closely by happiness!). 

Our Dog Hotel and Day Care Facility is divided into four main dog areas:  Stay & Rest bedroom areas,  a Small Kid play zone, our famous "Ball Room" for highly social and active kids and our Big Kid Adventure Zone.   The play zones are for high level active play periods while the Stay & Rest areas are used for calming activity and rest.  Our Facility is  CHAIN LINK FREE!!   We know our Lucy hates chain link and that's why our kennels are built as dog sized bedrooms with heated sleeping areas and all our gates are beautiful, high quality, steel or aluminum.  At Dog Time! your dog kids are going on a vacation NOT to jail!  

Our dedicated employees make the difference! Our goal is to engage your dog not just work to keep them quiet!  We pride ourselves on keeping small play groups and getting to know all our dog kids.

Dog Time! Dog Daycare & Dog Boaarding Facility

We brought our Boston here for the first time this past weekend and he had a blast. We had a "meet and greet" prior to his stay, which brought us a peace of mind. I also like how clean and organized they are. They opened their front door to greet us as I pulled into the parking space in front. They also came out to help since I had my toddler with me. We are definately coming back.

Tina S.

My dog Lola, loves Dog Time as much as her big brother Dolan did.  It's so wonderful to have your dog ready to jump out the window to get inside the door!!

Renee T.