Boarding & Daycare

Whether you need a daycare day on an occasional basis, regular daycare to fit your busy schedule or an Overnight Stay for that trip you are taking, the team at Dog Time! is here for you!

Dog Time! is Safe & Caring

Our Dog Hotel and Day Care Facility is divided into four main dog kid  areas:  Stay & Rest Bedroom areas,  a Small Kid Play Zone,  and our Big Kid Adventure Zone.  


Dog Time! does not believe in storing dogs in crates and cages and bringing them out for small periods of play. Our facility is a social environment and your kids will be allowed to play and interact (always responsibly) with the other kids in the room and with our dog loving handlers!  


Our team of  handlers is what sets us apart!  You and your dog kid are more than a face or a "dog count" to us! We really take the time to get to know you, your kids and their needs.  We greet you at the door by name and the team is always trying to figure out ways to improve your kid's experience. We hand feed kids who won't eat, sit in their bedroom with them to ease first night jitters, save puppy baby teeth when they fall out ( we're sure there's a tooth fairy for puppies too!) , and start up the fun with personal play for shy boys and girls!   We love taking care of puppies and senior dogs and   understand their special needs.  Mark Thomas the owner of Dog Time! works full time at the facility making sure that his high standards are upheld,


We only hire dog fanatics who love spending time with the kids. Some facilities do not allow or limit personal interaction between the handlers and guests, their rational being that affection will encourage jealousy or guarding behavior.  We believe that our handlers can be leaders with love!  So our handlers are expected to interact and win the affection and trust of your kids not just be a pooper scooper!  Our night attendant does much of the daily cleaning so our handlers can focus on the kids. Compare us with other facilities, we know we come out on top!

As part of our commitment to safe and caring play we have customer accessible web cams in each room so you can view your kids play on your smart phone or tablet.

Dog Time! Small Dog Boarding Area
Stay & Play Healthy

We take the health and well being of the kids in our care seriously and take pride in our cleanliness!  When you take your tour of our facility we know you will be impressed with our practices.

In our bedroom areas we use an Ultra Violet air sanitation process and filters to clean the air 15 times per hour. 


We have an expansive ventilation system that pulls fresh air from outside and pushes old air out at least 12 times per hour in our play rooms. 

Each night we vacuum all areas then we spray Wysiwash , a complete animal facility sanitizing system,  it combines a safe disinfectant/deodorant and the benefits of high pressure cleaning.  Wysiwash delivers a metered stream of a chlorine-based disinfectant, calcium hypochlorite, which uses the same sanitizing principles as bleach but without the harmful side effects or the difficulty and its chemical composition breaks down into a harmless solution in minutes that is safe and green.  In addition, each week all playrooms and bedrooms are cleaned and disinfected using a commercial floor scrubber.  We chose NOT to have rolled rubber floors, sand, gravel or large artificial turf areas. 

Professional, insured carergivers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Indi Resting in her bed at Dog Time Stay & Play
Your kid will love our Dog Sized Bedrooms, no crates here! And all our bedroom areas are climate controlled for summer or winter weather.  We also encourage you to bring a bed or blankey and a comfort toy from home.