You have an overnight stay scheduled for your dog kid in June 2019. At Dog Time, we strive to be open, transparent and to let you know when we experience events.   We have experienced 8 reported cases of kennel cough for kids who stayed or daycared with us in the last week or so.  Kennel cough is common viral or bacterial infection in the trachea and sinus’s of dogs.  Kennel Cough tends to be more common in the busy summertime. While it is infectious and spread from dogs breathing or saliva not all dogs will become infected and while the vaccines we require for Kennel Cough are effective on some strains, like the common human cold, vaccines will always not always work.  This seems to be a pretty mild strain and has affected young dog kids with whose immune system may not be fully developed and dogs that have very limited interactions with other dogs. Kennel Cough is usually self-limiting and most dogs will recover with rest and no treatment.  Some dogs can develop complications which require treatment.  Please rest assured that we will seek appropriate medical attention for any dog kid who requires it.  If you want to make alternative plans for your upcoming stay we will allow cancellation without penalty and if you have paid a deposit we will cheerfully refund it.  Here is a link that describes kennel cough, you should also ask your vet for specific guidance for your dog kid:



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