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Each private boarding room comes with a blanket and raised cot. Dogs that are family have enough room to board together.

For boarding stays we recommend bringing in your dogs food in labeled ziplock baggies for each meal, including extra food just in case. We do not allow treats that require supervision while consuming

(i.e. No Rawhide, bully sticks, marrow bones etc.)


Single Night:                                                          $65
5 night Package*:                                                 $300
10 night Package*:                                               $550
Power Pass*:                                                       $1350
Pickup after 1pm:                                                   $15

* All boarding packages must be purchased BEFORE or AT CHECK-IN. They cannot be purchased after a stay.  All packages expire 12 months after purchase date. Except the Power Pass which expires after 30 consecutive nights. Subject to change without notice

Holiday Surcharge:                                                               $50*

There will be an additional charge of $50 for any stay that falls within the week of Thanksgiving (Monday before -Sunday After)

As well as for Christmas ( December 21st Through December 27th) 

*Holiday Surcharge is per dog

Holidays Have Minimum Stay Requirements:

New Years Day- 2  Night Minimum 

4th of July - 3 Night Minimum

Labor Day  - 5 Night Minimum

Memorial Day - 3 Night Minimum

Thanksgiving - 5 Night Minimum

Christmas - 5 Night Minimum


No "Daycare Only"  Clients

on any of these Federal Holidays

No Boarding Pick Up or Drop Off

on any of these Federal Holidays