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How to get started

We love meeting new friends!   


We do limit the number of Dog Kids who visit. 


We believe that controlling the amount of dog kids who visit with us provides a better environment for all. 

So we are looking for long term relationships with new dog kids and hope you feel the same!  


Minimum weekly visits may be required for new daycare kids. 

We require the following vaccinations in order for your dog to attend: Rabies, DHPP/DHLPP, Bordetella 


We highly recommend getting Canine Influenza (CIV)​but it is not required.

We do our evaluations on WEEKDAYS ONLY. This gives us a better idea of how your dog kid will do in our social playgroup environment.

Click the "sign up" button to get things started. 

Follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a login email and Password

  2. Fill out your information

  3. Input all information about your pet

    1. Dog Must be at least 5 months old.​

    2. Must be neutered/ spayed if over 7 months  

      1. (upload certificate)

  4. Input and Upload proof of current vaccinations

    1. Required Vaccines( Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP)

    2. Uploads must be from a licensed vet office/ shot clinic and all information must match the dog you are enrolling (including name and owner information)

    3. We do not accept paper booklets as proof of vaccination.

  5. Click Save Record

  6. Schedule a daycare visit. This will be your dog's evaluation. Evaluations are charged at our current daily rate. Only done Monday - Friday.

  7. Once you submit a request we will review your documents. Once approved we will confirm your day. If you are missing proper vaccines we will message you through the Paw Partner software.

  8. Once your dog passes the initial evaluation, you will be able to request daycare stays. We may require a minimum of 3 daycare visits before approving a boarding stay. (subject to availability)

  9. Once all of the above are complete, download and login to the mobile app and be sure to enable notifications. 

    1. App Links below.

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