Welcome to Dog Time! Stay and Play.  Your dog's home away from home!

At Dog Time we offer Doggy Day Care and Over Night Boarding for all the East Bay including San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Hayward, Oakland, Alameda.

Our Doggy Day Care and Boarding Facility is located in San Leandro! Our mission is to create a safe, clean and FUN play experience for your dog kids at a great price for you! - We are conveniently located at 2489 Washington Ave. in San Leandro near the 238, 580, 880 highways, minutes from the Oakland Airport and three blocks from the San Leandro BART station!  The safety and well being  of your  dog and our employees is our primary concern ( followed closely by happiness!).

Our Dog Hotel and Day Care Facility is divided into four main dog areas:  Stay & Rest bedroom areas,  a Small Kid play zone, our famous "Ball Room" for highly social and active kids and our Big Kid Adventure Zone.   The play zones are for high level active play periods while the Stay & Rest areas are used for calming activity and rest.  Our Facility is  CHAIN LINK FREE!!   We know our Lucy hates chain link and that's why our kennels are built as dog sized bedrooms with heated sleeping areas and all our gates are beautiful, high quality, steel or aluminum.  At Dog Time! your dog kids are going on a vacation NOT to jail! 

Our dedicated employees make the difference! Our goal is to engage your dog not just work to keep them quiet!  We pride ourselves on keeping small play groups and getting to know all our dog pals.

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We know  your dog would love some Dog Time!

We believe our Stay & Play format  provides a warm, caring,  personal  experience for you and your dog kids. Traditionally,  dog boarding facilities have maintained  steel or chain link kennels in a sound proof room and have taken their dogs out of the cages on a limited exercise/poop schedule. Recently there has been a growth in “Cage Free” boarding where there are no sleeping areas and the dogs bed down in an open play room together.    Mark Thomas the owner of Dog Time!  felt that neither system worked best for the happy well adjusted dogs he walked and cared for and dreamed of a place that had a fun homelike atmosphere but also gave dogs the order and structure they need to be calm and reduce the stress they feel when away from their human family.  He believes too much confinement or too little structure and personal space can cause lots of doggy stress.   Out of this dream came the Dog Time!  Stay & Play.  Stay & Play means that just like home, your dog’s bedroom is in view right next to his play area.   Our guest enjoy supervised play all day long and go to their bedrooms for calming rest at the end of the day or when they need it!

Key to our success are our staff and our guests. Mark Thomas works full time at the facility, making sure that your dog is well cared for.  We only hire handlers who are passionate about dogs and their well being.  We limit the number of dogs we board and day care for and we don't need or want to be super sized!  This care facility is Mark's dream and providing the best experience to his customers, dog kids and employees is more important than a having a large scale volume operation.  We insist that our guests meet our “No Mean Dogs!” rule, evaluating them before they stay to determine if they might have aggression towards humans or dogs.

We always try to think like dogs, strive to duplicate their best experiences and we feel it's important that we really know and understand the dog kids who stay and play with us.   What Mark found in walking and caring for dogs is that most dogs love to engage in active play followed by long periods of rest and relaxation. He believes that over stimulating a dog can result in aggression, non-compliance and stress.  We also believe that too many dogs in an active play group limits our ability to supervise, nurture and keep them safe.

At Dog Time!  we do things a little differently.  Just like at home, we start our mornings with a potty break and then groups of dogs enter the Adventure Zone for fun, run, and play supervised by an attendant.  We have play equipment and structures from Puppy Playground.com that do not encourage dominance or too rough play ( no high structures or high platforms, no group ball playing unless we know all the dogs) and unlike many dog care facilities our Adventure Zone is not a barren environment but has multiple distractions to add environmental stimulation in addition to the social stimulation.   Our  Play Structures are NOT made for children and just called dog play ground equipment. Some children’s play systems are NOT SAFE for Dogs who are not made for slides or the  surfaces of children’s play equipment which have holes that toes can get hung on.  Child play equipment can be very high and dogs injured by jumping from those heights. Just one injury by the use of a System for other than its designed purpose is one injury too many.

The  Morning Play Session lasts about two hours after which the group is returned to their regular stay and play area for rest and low key socialization followed by a mid day snack ( or lunch if you feed three times per day) and potty break. This is a great time for belly rubs and other staff attention that encourages calm, happy guys and gals!   This routine in repeated in the  afternoon session.   For dog pals staying overnight we add one additional play time and potty break around 6:00 pm before we wind down and prepare for bed.  Older dogs or shy dogs are encouraged to join the play but all are allowed to be themselves and can enjoy peace and quiet if that's what they prefer.

  • You're working harder then ever!   Providing a rich stimulating experience for your dog will allow you to work guilt free knowing you are maintaining the quality of your dog's life,  You will also enjoy relief from the pressure to get home and "let the dog out".
  • Dogs are social animals!  They need contact with humans and other dogs to maintain a healthy mindset
  • Dog Parks are great but also carry risk,  Not everyone is as responsible a owner as you.  Dogs need a leader to manage their play and direct their energy in a positive way.   Doggy Day Care or a regular dog walk can give your dog the safer combination of exercise, structure,socialization and cleanliness they need.
  • When dogs, especially young dogs,  are bored they can become destructive. Regular day care will give your dog the energy release he needs to lessen or remove the destructive behavior.

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