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The Dog People

We are a locally and family owned dog daycare and boarding business serving San Leandro and surrounding East Bay communities.  We have been serving the San Leandro community for over 10 years. Our owners have over 30 years of combined experience in pet daycare, boarding and training.

we believe that dogs require the socialization, enrichment and stimulation only found within a pack environment.  Our pack environment allows dogs to play, relax and feel secure. This is why we have to be very selective in the dogs we choose to approve. 

There are plenty of places to take your dog when you're unable to look after them. Dog Time is a facility where you will not feel guilty dropping them off. We offer a place where your canine family member is just as happy to see us everyday as we are to see them. 

We look forward to meeting you and your Pet!

Unfortunately, due to our size and the amount of disruption it causes, we do not offer facility tours. If you would like to see how our playrooms look, our webcams are available for viewing below during the times posted. 



Our Services

Our Services
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Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

Sat - Sun 10AM-4PM

*Holiday Hours May Vary

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About our Facility and Playgroups

Our 4700 sq ft facility is completely heated and air conditioned to keep your pet happy no matter what the weather is outside. Our air exchangers completely recycle the air 6 times an hour. We also bring in outside air with our intake fan system to provide fresh clean air throughout the facility.  We offer social playgroup all day long in one of three play areas.


We base our playrooms off the size of the dog instead of by temperament. Our Big Dog room where all the active dogs love to romp and play. "The Hangout" where our more mellow dogs like to relax and enjoy the company of a handler. And our Small Dog Play area suitable for small to medium sized dogs.  We always have a handler in the playgroups making sure the dogs are having a good time, playing appropriately and being good dog kids.

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